Engineered Solutions

Elite Valve specializes in providing customized solutions for corrosive, high pressure, and demanding process applications that help our customers improve their process reliability and productivity.

We are committed to pursuing innovation and engineering excellence by pushing the boundaries of valve technology and developing cutting-edge solutions for challenging applications.

Elite Valve offers individual support and expert guidance. We work closely with our customers to understand any unique application requirements and provide a tailored valve solution to meet those needs.

Discover how we provide an engineered valve solution to suit specific applications.


Full Range of Valve Products

Different applications require different types of valves. Elite Valve offers a diverse range of valve products including knife gates, butterfly, ball, gate, globe, and check valves allowing us to provide the most appropriate valve solution for reliable operation.


Extensive Model Range

As well as offering different types of valves, we also offer a wide range of different models to handle different applications up to and including severe service, abrasive, high pressure, and high temperature processes.


Configurable Options & Alternate Materials

Most of our products have various options that can be tailored to suit process requirements. This includes alternate materials, coatings, and treatments to ensure reliability and compatibility.


Complete Valve Assemblies

Elite Valve provides complete valve assemblies that can include actuators, sensors, positioners, guarding, and extensions. We also provide commissioning and testing services if required.


Customised Valve Designs

Sometimes the best solution has not even been designed yet! Utilising our extensive knowledge and experience of valve design, we have delivered one-off and custom valves to solve unique and challenging applications.

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