E9600 General Purpose O-Port

Knife Gate Valve

The E9600 General Purpose O-Port (Through Conduit) KGV is designed for applications in the pulp & paper, chemical, and other process industries. The pressure assisted seat design provides reliable, bidirectional shutoff in various applications for powders, dry materials, wood chips, and static columns.

Features & Benefits

  • Through Conduit design ensures reliability on static columns and dry materials
  • Full port opening allows maximum throughput and minimizes pressure drop
  • Live loaded PTFE packing provides reliable sealing
  • Lockout pin provision ensures operator and maintenance safety
  • Provision for proximity probes allows easy integration for position feedback
  • Easily configurable for direct mounting of various actuation options
  • Grease fitting on handwheel bearing reduces operating torques

Product Information

Technical Details & Standards

  • Standard sizes available: 2”–24” (larger sizes available on request)
  • Cast 304SS or 316SS body
  • Polished 304SS or 316SS gate
  • 304SS stem and yoke
  • Viton or metal seat
  • Braided PTFE packing with adjustable packing follower
  • 2”- 24” = 150psi / >30” = 30psi standard pressure ratings
  • Fully lugged, ASME B16.5 flange pattern (alternate flange patterns available on request)
  • Meets MSS SP-81 design requirements
  • Canadian CRN

Options & Accessories

  • Higher alloy or hardened gates for improved corrosion and wear resistance
  • Specialty gate coatings for improved wear resistance
  • Alternate seat materials including BUNA-N, EPDM, or Aflas for process compatibility
  • Proximity switches for gate position feedback
  • Upper and lower gate guards to ensure operator safety


Product Brief

ProductActuator/DetailsDrawing No.Downloads
E9600 General Purpose O-Port KGVBevel GearboxE96XXXYXG-XX (6in-24in) PDF
E9600 General Purpose O-Port KGVPneumatic CylinderE96XXXYXP-XX (6in-36in) PDF
E9600 General Purpose O-Port KGVHandwheelE96XXXYXW-XX (6in-24in) PDF

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